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Our digital specialists support companies around the world providing unique and creative software solutions. We are a leading software development agency thanks to an incredibly talented team and a variety of implemented projects.

Our experienced developers and designers are prepared to tackle any problem with maximum creativity and provide high quality development of top-notch programs for your business.

Sophisticated Software Development Team

Over the years, our software creative agency has developed solutions for a variety of industries such as entertainment, sales, transportation. We have a great awareness of creating perfect business programs and customer-oriented apps. The members of our team can transfer experience to your project. Our enthusiastic and experienced developers provide easy-to-use, efficient and secure software that meets the requirements, increases value of your business and provides a seamless user experience for your customers.


A team of highly trained experts from our distributors has a wide range of practical experience, substantial amounts of wonderful projects for several agencies, a proven development strategy that already shows the effect, and obviously the best. It is among the tools of the program. Of course, all of our products are developed based on the most reliable and advanced trends in the commercial software development industry.

Our distributors offer excellent IT products according to the following three basic principles.

  • Simple in use
  • 100% performance
  • Attractive to customers and all users

Our digital agency offer a large number of services oriented to tasks aimed at professional development, testing, implementation and full maintenance of commercial applications in various fields.

What We do?

You can trust distributors in the following areas of software development:

  • main10-cloud
  • main10-tablet
  • main10-folder
  • main10-bulb
  • Development of custom software. Our IT agency offers complete mobile, desktop and web products that are already promoting the success of many agencies and diverse industries around the world.
  • Business mobile application. Our team of agents includes more than 150 certified experts who have more than 300 projects in the digital industry for many years. We have extensive knowledge and experience for iOS, Android, Windows and other common platforms.
  • IOS application development Hire talented developers, create excellent corporate solutions, smart tools for business performance, awesome games for iPhone and iPad.
  • Android software development. Automate business processes, deal with customers, promote brands Capture visually and create easy-to-use Android programs.
  • Multi-platform programming. It is a multiplatform program that runs on major platforms such as iOS and Android, which saves the cost of developing native applications and expensive service.
  • Website design. The agency provides web design, development, integration of services, support and other services to ensure the agency's solid online presence, increased sales, visibility and expansion of the improved customer base.
  • Corporate System. Create an intranet and a business web system to automate the process of entities, improve performance and simplify workflow management.
  • Business Analysis. Our experts have extensive experience in providing data storage, analysis reports, toolbars and other data services.

Our Software Development Responsibility

The main duty of our software development agency is to create a successful commercial application and provide the client with very efficient tools. Our programming aims to provide detailed correspondence contents useful in the long term.

Our agency members always ready to provide a detailed explanation of real life tests and difficult questions. The developers of our group are different from other agencies because they try with the huge community of entrepreneurs that show the results, create personalized programs and design them. We understand the value that the agency brings to people and explain why all team members are very cautious with the services we provide.

A Robust Discovery Process Leads to Better Software and UX Design

Many clients have turned to software development agencies with unknown ideas. Throughout the years, we have carried out a stable development process so that customers can handle the appropriate projects. Gather as much information as possible, start with a thorough investigation and turn that information into real information.

Our agency execute three stages of this process, and each stage is configured to coordinate the software for success.

  • Why do I Need "discovery" in the Software?

    The discovery process provides a solid foundation that can be the basis of the product, the user experience, the design and the development strategy. It also gives you a testimony of testimony and tolerance when it advances. Through this process, you can make general ideas and make sure that all team members start on the same page. At the end of the opening process, you will have:

    • Effective key result evaluated from previous investigations
    • Established set of functions to manage the general purpose of the software
    • We decided what would produce the real value of the user

    The duration of the discovery process varies from one project to another. In the case of an agency, it depends considerably on the specific needs and the initial points of the client. Normally, our agents develop this idea of ​​characteristics and use this process for those who have too many newbie ideas.

  • Stages

    No matter how long it takes, the discovery process is divided into three key stages: research, idea and evaluation.

    In the research stage, we concentrate on performing minor analyzes through questionnaires and reviews.

  • Research

    At the research stage, you must transfer the available knowledge to all team members. In this stage, we analyze the corresponding standard materials, such as competence analysis, market studies, related indicators, etc. The analysis of these reference materials can point to the initial direction. Then you can go deeper and you can do a questionnaire and a review. These methods provide a means to take available knowledge that could not be originally shared.

  • Questionnaire

    The questionnaires help to add related information, documents and conversations in a unified format. Using an interactive dialogue tool, the team asks many thoughtful questions to the client to extend the specific function of the software vision. This understanding instructs the future decisions of the project. Our question goes from more obvious to more creative.

    • Describe the problem that the software solves
    • What do we have to understand to use this product
    • Compared to the car brand, what kind of project will it be? Why
    • How would you feel when people use the software
    • What do you want to know about them

    These questions encourage the creators of the agencies to think about the purpose and value of the application and aim to visualize the way in which brands and users feel using the software.


Loyal Client




App Developers

Buyer Legend

The buyer's legend is deeper than that of general users and gathers ideas about how products can interact with target users to achieve their goals. Being able to gain a general understanding of how the audience thinks makes it useful for identifying problems and designing solutions before it actually becomes a problem.


Part of the idea is to create a new idea, explain your idea in detail and create a way to move forward with ideas. Use brainstorming to find as many ideas as possible and organize them in your work plan.


The purpose of brainstorming is to generate as many ideas as possible and write them down. You can start a brainstorm. Personally, gather all team members and collect ideas.

To get all the possibilities of brainstorming, keep negotiating later and keep the session silent. Everyone can leave their thoughts and listen to their speech.

While it is confirmed that each concept is absolutely unique, it is better to reduce all ideas instead of wasting time.


The last stage of the discovery process was dedicated to scraping and the study of the concepts based on the function was done in the mind and in the research phase. Our developers will conduct a concept test session where team members execute sketches and receive comments.

As we continue our research, some ideas and evaluations are essential to the success of the product. This process allows the developer to identify the real value of the user. We will also be guided through the establishment of feature sets consistent with our main objectives. When created correctly, the discovery process will help avoid costly faces as you move toward development.

Proof of Concept

The purpose of the conceptual test is to indicate generally the function that the system provides to make sense or if it meets the needs of the target audience. In the conceptual test, we will see three different aspects of the sketch. First impression, expectation of navigation, satisfaction.

When testing the first impression, you can define what the user is restricting in a 5-second view and whether the user interface will work as needed.

From then on, the expert agent advances more in the discussion of conceptual navigation. Our experts prefer to show sketches to the participants to simplify the conversation. We prefer to maintain this part of the process internally, since it is difficult to give us the type of response required by external participants who do not have specific knowledge of the software. As soon as a more specific direction is obtained, our agency teams concentrate on verifying the high frequency visual design with the real user tests.

Collaborate with the Leading Agency

Experts believe that cooperation and mutual respect will form the basis of any successful project. For this reason, our developers are ready to establish trust and offer a free assessment and consultation.

Once the cost calculation and the initial plan are completed, within the agency we can continue with the development of digital products.

By using first class custom software, your company will reach a completely new level, generating more revenue and new profits.

There is an idea of ​​software development, but it is doubtful if it is worth considering. Our agents come to help! Please contact our customer service department and receive a detailed consultation and a free evaluation of future projects.