Case Studies


iPad software solution for improvement of sales team efficiency.

International companies always face challenges related to the customer database management. One such company approached us looking for a software solution for sales team so that they could process orders faster and more efficiently. Our task was to seamlessly integrate bespoke software into the existing technology they used to handle orders.We enabled multitasking functionality letting sales representatives check simultaneously different products, colours, and styles creating tailored template for every customer.

Business data

A desktop software for data search optimisation.

One of the most trusted business data provider who helps companies to conduct market and business researches and evaluate their own businesses based on comparison analysis approached Blacks to integrate a new desktop software solutions for advanced search capabilities in the database of corporate names.Our team enabled a full-text searching process of over 20 million business records of our customer database. The search can be based on several categories including name, location, web address and others.


A platform-based solution for secure internal communication and task management.

One of our development cases was dedicated to the creation of secure intranet for the customer-company staff. As our customer was an owner of a big company with several offices across Europe, our task was to develop and integrate into company workflow a secure custom communication channel for the employees from all the departments. We developed an Intranet portal that not only provided an ability to find every company employee and but also place tasks, store corporate data, and manage the staff. This software solution significantly helped our customer to optimise company workflow and improve internal communication streamlining multiple internal processes.

Money Savvy

A financial iOS application to manage the expenses and budget.

Our client approached us to create a mobile application that could help users to monitor their financial operations and control the expenses in an efficient manner. The application consists of two components uniting web and mobile technologies. Features set lets users to track their income and expenses, handle accounts, bills, and overall budget. A user can schedule the payments, and automate the reports based on the information provided by a user. Our developers also integrated a custom syncing platform so that users can access their financial data from any device where the app is installed.


An enterprise resource planning software solution for project cost management.

A company engaged in the manufacturing and construction industry approached Blacks to build software that could embrace company’s lean principles and let employees manage projects in the most efficient way. We created a cost-effective solution that improves business process management ensuring seamless communication between team members whether they use desktop or mobile devices. The program provides a complete coverage of the business in real-time uniting the information shared within the staff, suppliers, subcontractors and all the members of the joint projects. A clear picture of day-to-day business activity lets company staff reduce the potential risks and gain efficiency.

Railway facilities

A web system that automated fault detection.

Our customer was looking for a solution that could enhance the technical engineers’ work and selected our company to partner with to build software for the internal usage. The program idea was to monitor faults on railways. We have developed software that can process a large volume of data which it receives from transponders installed on the rails. The system monitors hardware reliability, provide statistics and send regular reports to the railway station technical engineers. Our programmers created a separate background service which analyses the data and using specific algorithm improves the system performance and output.