Popular Android Applications

If you have an Android phone or tablet computer, you probably have tons of third-party apps downloaded already. If not, take a look at these must-have Android applications that so many Android users have.

If you’re into social networking, among the first apps you’ll be downloading are the Facebook and Twitter apps. The official apps by Facebook and Twitter are completely free and they’re very nice if you like to access these social-networking sites from a hand-held device.

But if you want an enhanced experience, there are more Facebook and Twitter apps for you to choose from. For example, Plume and TweetDeck are great apps that make Twitting even easier and faster. Also, consider TweetCaster, which is not only a Twitter app, but also has Facebook integration!

With so many people using Skype these days, if you don’t have a Skype account yet, you are missing out on some great free calls. In fact, some users report that they make Skype calls even more often than regular calls! Especially for those with friends and loved one abroad, Skype is an irreplaceable tool. You can make phone calls that are completely free to your international friends, provided they also have a Skype account and are online. Or, you can make cheap calls to regular phone numbers anywhere in the world. The Skype app for the Android platform offers all necessary features, just like the desktop version of Skype.

To have mobile access to all your documents, photos, or whatever data is important to you, store it in the cloud. DropBox is an excellent could storage service. It is free and you can keep all kinds of files on a cloud server. By downloading the DropBox app to your Android phone, you will have easy access to your files, no matter where you are.

Since smartphones these days have pretty good cameras, it’s now possible to take pictures, edit them, and share with friends – all using a single mobile device. There are numerous photography apps for Android devices available. For example, Camera360 offers many fun photo-editing features, such as applying various filters, changing colors, making your photos look vintage, and many other tools to make the photos more beautiful and memorable.

Android apps developers from different countries dream about creating an extremely popular app like described ones, because it allow to earn huge sum of money. If you have a great idea of an an app, you should try to create it. Don’t forget about our tips for mobile developers!

In short, there are hundreds of thousands of great Android applications on Google Play Store. By the way, Google Play Store was formerly known as Android Market, but in March 2012 Google re-named it and combined it with their music store.