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Make Your Own App

If you do not want to use a third-party developer to care about this process, but you do not have development experience, you can use one of many apps to build a platform. Some programs allow you to create iPhone apps that work on the iOS platform. However, these apps are unstable and secure through AppStore approval. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional developer and create high quality native apps for the iPhone. It should also be remembered that if you want to develop native applications independently, you should receive a developer certificate. Fortunately, there are many tutorials and learning options on the Internet that can help you understand the basics of iPhone development.

XCode, Swift and iOS SDK

The Apple IDE (integrated development environment) for iPhone and Mac apps is XCode. It's free and you can download it from the Apple website. XCode is the graphical interface that developers use to create apps. What also includes the use of the modern programming language Swift writes all the contents of the iOS code 8. Applies only to Mac So if you intend to create an iPhone app, you need to run OS X.

While Apple introduced Swift these days, you can use multiple languages ​​(including Objective-C) to program apps for the iPhone. It depends on what you use, but here are some guides, courses and learning programs to help beginner developers:

  • Start developing the iOS application today: this is the official guide for beginners. It crosses XCode settings, builds your app, deploys all content and represents it in the App Store.
  • Swift Introduction: The modern Swift programming language is definitely designed for the iPhone and Mac. Presumably, if you're not familiar with the development of the iPhone, use it easier to use, then this is a good start. Works with Objective-C (you can also use, if desired) to run and similar.
  • Apple's development video: Apple contains many videos from WWDC, teaching you a different development part. They are important sources for studying industrial skills and identifying the basic toolkits you use.
  • Ray Wenderlich Tutorials: If you want to build a game training, Ray Venderlich's program is the start of the magnificent place. It covers all kinds of things other than games. So even if you want to create a productivity app, you should also learn about Swift and Objective-C content.
  • Apple API Features: Apple has a large number of different APIs for accessing application extensions, such as Touch ID, HealthKit, Photos, and so on. They will help the program get more advanced features.
  • School of iOS app development course code: you can get the foundation of iPhone development for free through the introductory course of Code School.
  • Stanford University iOS Development Course: Stanford University has many free courses to study the development of the iPhone. All this only applies to iOS 7 but most of the content you learn should be well transferred to iOS 8. They also have the opportunity to take an upgraded iOS 8 course in the near future.

It should receive its development tool configurations and a good understanding of the iPhone in the beginning of operation.

App Store Store Review Guide

The guidelines of the App Store Review are very specific to Apple is not a secret. They have a very special view of the software allowed in the store, so it is useful to learn the rules before attempting to create an application. If you do not, you can take the time to do something that Apple simply does not allow.

When a developer creates the software for the iPhone, it provides it to the App Store and will consider it based on content, design and technical details. Apple also lists the general reasons why the product was rejected. Usually due to faults, broken links, advertisements or incomplete information. Apple is also known for blocking apps that contain any kind of adult or political content.

Similarly, many of Apple's APIs have their own suggestions for developers to review. So if you want to integrate the app with HealthKit or Apple Pay, then it's also important to understand these rules. Remember that Apple tends to be very conservative during the review process, which is good. It is possible that if you are developing a remote iPhone risk, you will be rejected, so remember before you start building the product.

Apple Design Guide

In addition to review guidelines, Apple has a set of design and interface recommendations. They want all programs in the store to have some kind of consistency, and do not mean good design, which means that the software uses the same basic elements as the user interface.

To understand this, see the man-machine interface guide page of Apple. Here you will find the bases they are looking for in application and icon design. They also have a Do's and Don's list, putting the big guide a bit, so it's easier to get started. Fortunately, Apple did not put the developers in the dark, how to create a perfect product for the iPhone. You can find many resources online to help improve your design.

Register GitHub and TestFlight

You may not want to create iPhone products in the bubble. Instead, letting other people look at your code and inviting testers to try out your program is fine.


GitHub is in the process of software control and collaboration. Once you have registered GitHub, it is easy to link Xcode to it, so everything you develop can be saved and provided to other people on the team. If you need to install some help from GitHub, your manual will guide


Likewise, the beta test on iOS 8 is also very simple. With TestFlight, you just need to invite users to the team so they can test your program. They just need to download the program TestFlight can be.

Apple SDK

IPhone development is based on familiarity with XCode. Once you feel comfortable, you can try to start building software in multiple languages, or try to learn Swift. As you can see, software development is not a simple task, especially when you want to get multifunctional customization software for business purposes.


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