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Our team is evaluated as one of professional iOS app design and development groups that offers mobile solutions and advanced digital techniques to achieve the commercial goals of our clients.

Developing and designing the best custom applications according to your vision is only part of our services. iOS development strategy, monetization and post launch support - what we do as well.

Fully designed mobile applications play an important role in the promotion of products, services, businesses and acquisition of new buyers. For our dedicated team of iOS programmers, there is no app that is too complicated or too small.

Key Benefits of the Professional Design of Mobile Apps

  • We are a software development company recognized worldwide
  • We guarantee the security of the data by signing a private contract
  • We are experts in the app framework (Unity, Adobe Air, Marmalade, PhoneGap, Box 2 D, OpenGL ES, CocoaTouch, Cocos 2 D, Corona)
  • Xcode, Objective C, expert Ruby
  • Select the development process that is most suitable for the project
  • Support and maintenance 24 x 7
  • Fast communication via Skype, phone or email
  • Launch of free products that consume a lot of time
  • General support of subsequent activation

Our Service

Our dedicated team of iOS developers has been managing the design services for the next app.

  • Custom iOS program
  • iPhone game
  • Integration of web services
  • Social networks
  • E-Commerc
  • Development of widgets
  • Mobile website
  • The Apple Watch app
  • Secure codin
  • Quality control test

4 Steps of the Innovative iOS Design

Our team has four steps to create an ideal iOS app design.

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Developers will fully appreciate their efforts by deeply immersing the needs of the business to discover the main audience, the concept of service and products, the main objective and achievement limits. . Our exploration procedure is part of the interaction between brainstorming, partial innovation, part strategy and part closure between the client and the team. We believe that he is a very fast thinker and innovator and is ready to find new ideas and better standards. If you are interested in our path, our team really wants to welcome you as our client.


One aspect that developers have a great experience is the development of prototypes. To create them properly, you must gather the user's experience on the map. The reason is that it extends the functionality of the iOS app, which is an indispensable function and helps build a solid foundation to recognize the relationships between the elements to ensure an attractive UX.

Quick Work

When the team prepares the basics, it's time to do the real work. Designers begin to create systems, screens and response buttons. It has little impact on mobile design. Our designers do not intend to create rapid prototypes in the early stages of development and to stop the quality assurance that is not disturbed by user testing. Custom applications certainly optimize your experience, even if your app is developed just for your company, or even disturbed in the store.


Our specialists are rich in teamwork experience and can do many different things at the same time. When developers create interface designs, designers already consider app logos and visual designs. They investigate the needs and needs of clients and investigate the target audience. They effectively use market research tactics, mental maps, current cases and trends, and marketing experts discover the customer's motivation.

Our specialist designs the logo, but not only develops the identification, but also creates a completely new language. Absorbing their specifications, experts will in principle create a draft. Of these, they choose the best and discover more. After an overview and exchange of strict ideas, the team reduces the route to a single idea. Later, our designers explore and refine until their logo is ideal.

That is one way to create a great iOS product. The best app designer in our group prides itself on being prepared to create something specialized for your needs and standards. We like to please our customers!


The main difference in a high quality design is that it is focused on functionality. Following this strategy it is possible to get the best user experience and avoid buttons and screens users don't need. It is important to understand what elements should be on each screen to make it more efficient.

Have you made a program that reacts completely to queue and feel completely natural? That is the signal of the expert user interface. To achieve this means working beyond just a wire frame. At the end of the UX phase, the designer can present a blueprint for the app.

As soon as wireframes and blueprints are created, we formulate the UI. The user interface is based on the brand's language to create an authentic identity.

We chose the main screen of the plane to start the creative ability. Once the UI is completed, the developer will start testing and polishing.


The iOS app is animated between UI and UX, but our polish is where the magic happens. That is the place to add that additional detail that is our characteristic style.

We will upload all the best information and the unique touch to maximize the complete app of transition status, animation, iOS.

Main Design Principles of the Apple Watch App


Developers are beginning to become familiar with the Watchkit SDK and Xcode Watchkit simulators, as arenas are planning to launch portable products from the Apple Watch series in 2015.

Engineers are busy with Watchkit programming elements, but designers must begin to focus on important aspects of UX when designing iOS watch apps. For the designers, Apple provided an Apple Watch user interface manual that should serve as a muse to Conceptualize and prototype.

Apple's wearables were offered in two screen sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm. The screen is touch sensitive, gestures are not compatible, but tactile contacts are included to distinguish between taps and holds. There is a digital crown on the side of the clock, you can press scroll, zoom (map as an example), button (iPhone start button, etc.). Our professionals have already mastered the designs of Apple's UX and UI watches and are making portable applications that are optimally designed for customers.

Design for a Convenient Apple Watch Space

Apple offers a series of Photoshop resources to help designers prototype the user interface. As for the development of the screen, since the developers do not have the ability to view as other iOS devices, we must estimate the role of each screen more carefully. We will provide functions and messages from the center. The good news is that the watch bezel adds an important visual fill so you can use the entire screen without a margin.

  • UI Control

    For example, when using controls such as buttons and switches, our goal is to limit the number of elements stacked to a maximum of 3 elements to avoid hampering the touch target of all elements.

    Apple also insists on using icons as much as possible instead of text content, in order to make the most of the useful screen space. But the least used buttons should be placed in the context menu instead of saturating the active display interface.

  • Round Buttons and Icons

    Circular icons have the advantage of having more elements adjacent to the finger at the same distance when the screen is touched compared to squares. If you use a rectangle, the path to the next element may change and the limit of the range of objects that wrap around the point of contact may be small. In addition, the round elements may be of variable size to show prominence to different round buttons or icons that are more scalable and are particularly important with small adjacent display devices.

  • Images of Various Sizes

    In previous versions of the iPhone, the iOS designer recognized that it is capable of handling screen sizes and unique resolutions related to images, and was the same as the Apple watch. If the enlargement of the image does not work, the designer always creates separate images for each of the two screen sizes.


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App Developers

Design an Icon that Represents Your Brand

In most cases, to visually reproduce the icon of the iOS app, we always design to reflect the icons visually and reflect the brands. Keeping the design as similar as possible to the iOS version makes it easy to mentally relate to the applications on each platform.

Synplicity is the result of simplicity, not necessarily without disorder. This is what we always recognize when creating the design. The elegant and conceptual metaphor provides clarity to clients.

Design with exact typography and color

iOS 7 announced the transition to a flat design and the abandonment of the isomorphic design of old sketches. Apple is now making the transition again to focus on developing a natural and sharp interface based on thin and practical typographic inspiration. In the case of wearables, they chose the San Francisco sources appropriately. This is a new sans - serif font.

Dynamic font Type

The choice of system font used in the Apple Watch is deliberately designed for first-class readability, based on the area of ​​precisely condensed characters that occupy a minimum horizontal space.

  • As the font size increases, the font type changes dynamically and readability is maintained. This is called dynamic typing. This is a nice gift for iOS designers to adjust the line spacing and character spacing according to the selection of system fonts once more than the custom fonts.

Being a good developer and supporting dynamic sources means improving accessibility configurations.

Finally, we always try to use a single source for the coherence of the entire app. Mixing sources will compromise the best practices of UX. Our designers know how to emphasize text elements using various white colors and further distinguish top labels using key text colors.

Contrast Color

The Apple Watch user interface manual clearly distinguishes the evaluation between text content and background, while avoiding bright colors. Our designers use a key color that symbolizes the brand of iOS apps. It is characterized by clear labeling, such as the identification of valuable information and titles.

Professional iOS App Designer

Since the design of the mobile software is a very large area, we decided to pay special attention to the dedicated iOS designers. There is another reason why we are different from other people. We are specialized in working in selected areas. Long experience, high creativity and innovation are just some of the many benefits that our team has. Apple devices are cutting-edge innovations in the modern world, and we must keep innovators constantly updated.


So, are you ready to give us the opportunity to support your business with iOS app design project? We’ll pay attention to each detail of your concept to design the best Apple mobile app for your company success. All our iOS specialists are here to give you advice and create the unbelievable solution, as implementing your wishes is always the main thing we are concentrating on. Let's work together.