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Only professional business application developers with a strong background in software development are experienced in using many sophisticated tools and programming languages ​​to create high-quality mobile applications. The digital experts from our IT group are highly trained in software architecture, code creation, UX and UI design, testing and implementing perfect business solutions.

Our software development agency constantly looks at the products from the customer's point of view and guarantees a perfect user experience to sustainably increase the client's success. Check by the link.

Business Applications: Trends and Solutions

Architects, analysts and marketers need to pay attention to the latest developments in software development. The mobile phone market is growing rapidly. New technologies and services will appear every day. Our professional developers are interested in the world of innovative technology and it is very important to keep real information, case studies and data to ensure a solid position in the virtual market.

If you want to add value to your business, developers will design and implement a perfect customized solution that optimises the workflow, reduces expenses and increases revenue.

Software as a Service

Cloud computing technologies and deployment systems have improved the functionality of business applications. The internal update of the company's system has become very expensive and at the same time - the remote service become more convenient and cheaper.

Software as a service (SaaS) provides reliable flexibility, scalability and stability that local software can not guaranty. Currently, some economic organisations doubt SaaS solutions due to protection problems, but in the nearest future more and more industries will adopt SaaS. If you are considering a solution of this type, our developers will consult you on all the issues involved.

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E-commerce Platforms

E-commerce apps are web-based programs that can be applied to perform business tasks. These programs are not only for online companies, but also for classic things. In general, e-commerce platforms depend on the relationship between the servers and the computers of the final consumers. The standard e-commerce program offers a system for interacting with customers on the web and fulfilling their obligations (along with online tracking of emails) to satisfy the consumer's wishes.

Application Server

An example of an e-commerce utility is when developers develop software that interacts with programs more efficiently through Internet browsers. The software server can return HTML content to the clients mainly according to the client's request. This server also collects statistics that the user entered in the web browser. The exchange of data between the client, the server, the server and the buyer is always done through the web server.

Business Suite

Another type of software is a package offered by companies such as IBM or Oracle. Interface of this suite with the existing Enterprise data system. For example, financial transaction statistics can be transferred to the organization's accounting system using financial software. The business package helps distributors accumulate online payments, track sales, manage inventory, plan delivery routes, post on product description web pages and manage customer information databases.

Business Content Management System

ECMS will support companies that need to manage large amounts of Internet content. The content consists of many types of files, such as text, photos, audio, video, currency information. Companies use a large number of databases (often provided with many servers) to manipulate the events that occurred through web-based forms.

Popular Type of Business Application

Numerous apps are emerging in the booming smartphone industry. Depending on the requirements of the company, the business solution has as much versatility as you wish. The number of most common categories are as follows.

  • Office Productivity Application

    These apps are widely known as private productivity apps and are dedicated to the development of statistical information, such as documents, spreadsheets, digital music, videos, etc. Such programs will contribute to productivity and improve the overall performance of employees.

    These programs, in particular from entry-level workers to senior management, are used by almost all companies. Common apps that belong to this class include calendar, scheduler, business card reader, tax calculator, time and cost tracker, workflow program.

  • Trip Request

    Travel is an integral part of the lifestyle of modern people, but these apps are receiving great recognition. Users can make reservations for tickets, hostels and tourist services very convenient when playing on mobile devices. These tools are generally used by people traveling on trips and business projects. Our developers can create:

    • Application based on location
    • Flight status program
    • Reservation system
    • Travel organizer
    • Useful electronic translators in the travel industry, other
  • Business Tools and Software Applications

    This class includes programs that clients use to achieve results more quickly and efficiently. Our developers build software that allow users to analyse and search for any information without problems. The best productivity apps in this category include the following:

    • Data protection program
    • Scan application
    • Currency application and many other things
  • Specific Application for the Company

    The company-specific software is specifically designed by enterprise software developers to meet the needs of businesses, not people. These can be companies, interest groups, schools, retailers or government agencies. These can be used to track time and price, approval, Salesforce automation, etc. Our developers have created many world famous apps belonging to this class as follows:

    • Salesforce Automation Program
    • Expense tracking application
    • Help desk system, etc.
  • Communication Application

    These are part of the most important business solution and, in addition to remote access, they provide their own competencies and are used to exchange files and messages of various formats, such as two computers and clients.

    • Mail application
    • Social network
    • Video conference program
    • Meeting center and instant messaging
  • Mobile Payment Application

    The payment method of the mobile application is a very useful option for those who like cashless transactions. By adopting "touch-to-pay" technology in the waves of market development, mobile payment apps are a new easy way to make payments.

    Mobile payment solutions are used in important facilities, such as banks, e-commerce sites, grocery stores, etc. You can pay with multiple retailers using a payment system.

  • Idea Mapping Application

    The so-called idea mapping program is used to create a diagrammatic relationship between concepts, new ideas or other facts. Such a solution can also help improve learning performance.

    These apps are mainly used by users who need to increase attention and productivity in work hours.


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App Developers

Why do You Need an Own App?

Most business programs are offered as ready-to-use products, but it is much better to obtain customized solutions from specialized developers to adapt the software to all the needs of the company. The idea that "mobile apps can only be used for large companies" is a misunderstanding of the past. So what is attracting companies to choose their own business solutions?

reasons why you need a mobile application for your business are the following.
  • You can keep the customer's commitment. An exceptional element about mobile solutions is to allow the owners of companies to continuously involve their customers. With the mobile program, the agency can obtain data with a precise location and profile statistics. They can use this information for buyers in real time to help increase revenue.
  • Provide intuitive comments. By using a custom application created by a specialized developer, you can better communicate with customers and have excellent customer service and support. It is best to receive comments from customers and recognize impressions about the services they offer.
  • Product Advertising Help: Productivity apps are the best way to sell products and services. Offering incentives to customers is a way to generate sales for any company. You can easily provide update information and new products easily through automatic notifications.
  • Strengthen the brand. With mobile apps in the company, you can improve the recognition of your brand and logo. It is essential that business programs are designed wisely, are marked simultaneously and leave a permanent impact on customers.
  • Improve customer loyalty: by using business apps for smartphones, you can foster customer loyalty. Although all traditional advertising methods, such as banners, billboards, flickering signs, newspaper ads, brochures and the like, are on the market, companies tend to dominate customers. Providing incentives to clients will help them gain loyalty as they return in the future.

Choosing a Developer Wisely

Developing mobile solutions for companies is a complex and difficult task. It is essential that application developers understand the contents of their businesses and adapt to all the complexities and requirements decided by customers. For example, in the case of an e-commerce, it is important to track orders from the beginning to the end when the shipment is made to the customer.

Our developers have mastered the craftsmanship of software creation combining various IT solutions and business methods. It is important for our developers to provide the latest products with the latest technology and provide the best products in the market.

Create Superior Application and Sustainable Software with Top Developers

Our business application developers have been involved in the enterprise app creation for approximately 10 years. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced programmers, designers, analysts and testers. The development team have built first class custom apps on a variety of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows to dozens of our customers.

If you are looking for a reliable developer of software applications,contact our IT consultant with your idea and we’ll build the bespoke business application for you.