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In addition, this software system provides superb tools, templates, widgets, banners and much more to help the complete newbie become a successful App developer android development and marketer. It is so easy to create your own Apps with App Empire Reloaded you could feasibly have a hundred Apps in the Android Store within a few months.

It is pretty clear when you read the reviews for the App Dev Empire for the Android that there are a lot of people now entering this marketplace with hopes of making money. Even those who have never built an app before have been successful by entering the Android marketplace rather than the iPhone marketplace.

RULES- Each player is given the option of 3 words, much like “Draw Something” however, instead of drawing the word, the player must act out the word on video in under 15 seconds with only 1 attempt, and the video is automatically recorded and sent to the opposing player for guessing. The reason this will kill Draw Something is because videos are much funnier and much more viral as we will add an option to upload to Facebook and friends can watch the video and start playing the app as well. It also closely models the original turn based game play.

An additional feature could be the ability to create playlist of news items to be read in order, or to read all news items in a category. I am an aspiring app developer who has started my own mobile app development company, Rare Digital Designs. Quote Boat will be the mobile android games developer version of a social network based on sharing & discovering personal quotes with your friends. I have provided a link to a demo video I made displaying the functionality of the app. Lets create an app that allows users to send handwritten notes directly via an app.

If they downloaded your free app and they are using it, a percentage of your users will be interested in buying the paid version of your app. If you’re still on the fence, consider this: When Apple launched its iBooks app, it used a nag screen within the App Store app. If you had an iPhone at the time, you may remember seeing that pop-up inviting you to download iBooks. Be sure you can change the nag screen without submitting a new update to the app store. All you have to do is keep track of how many times you show a particular nag screen and how many users click Yes” to check out the app(s) you’re promoting.

It will work for only dedicated people as it not a single click application which will create your app without your effort, launch and distribute it well in the market. The subject of the game must be selected by the user and the guide do not give any information based on it. So if your idea is good, the app will be a success or in the Google play store. So, a product like the App Dev Empire for the Android can help you enter that market with your own apps. This is a program that will take you through every step of the way in terms of building your own app for the Android system.

My fremium app would have the basic tools and tips/tricks for their toolbox for free, with an option to pay in app for specific facilitation guides, in depth solutions to facilitation challenges, etc. Right now, i android games developer am crowd funding and talking with some industry leading brands for investment in the development. Myself i’m a snowboarder, found a developer and a graphic designer, but need to extent our team to make it happen!

In the app game, marketing is proving to be the most difficult part of the process for us. We were fortunate enough to get our app up on TED, this created a momentary spike in sales, but that sales spike evened out once the initial excitement was over. They’re enjoying this success in part because they have a really strong existing” customer base that are participating in pre sales of their app. I still have a list of great app ideas but here is my best.

Measure your results, then make adjustments based on your data in the following week. Your goal is to increase traffic and revenue, all while improving android programming your users’ experience with the app. After you’ve taken care of the basics, your best marketing tool will be offering a free version of your app.

As I mentioned above the App Dev Empire For The Android is a perfect choice for people like me who want to try to create and monetize a commercially successful apps for Android without any professional programming knowledge. This package gives you all the necessary basic information about the whole process from A to Z. Furthermore it´s a self-updating Android programming course with all the possible future updates provided to you for free. All you need is a good imagination and a brilliant idea for a funny or practical app. As the creators say you can make apps for Android according the instructions of other people (the same way my friend does)! The disadvantage of the App Dev Empire For The Android is its orientation on beginners and only slightly advanced programmers. For example, I’ll say, Download the XYZ app.

Around Sound – Don’t miss what’s going on around you while you’re rocking out to your music! Also, one thing is to create a great app, another thing is to know how to market it in the right way, and if you know how to do that, you’re several steps ahead of the competition. I’d like to create an app to hide apps you’ve downloaded that you don’t want others to see. At the moment, if a friend android programming is going through your phone, they can see every app you’ve downloaded and there is no way to keep them private (not that I’ve figured out anyway). I suggest an app (similar to hide My Secret Apps or such) where you can move apps you’re too embarrassed for others to see into a decoy folder and the only way they can be accessed is via password/pin. Most ‘utility’ apps would be fine as web.

In addition, users would be able to type in an address or zip code to find options by (as this is unavailable in similar apps, but necessary-as expressed by the app reviewers). A popular app for food allergy sufferers appears to be i Can Eat On The Go, which allows users to select their allergens” and then shows them what meals can be eaten at popular fast-food establishments. The app developer has the right idea, but most people struggling with allergies that I know cannot eat ANYTHING in an establishment that uses dairy, eggs, fish, gluten, peanuts, etc.

Here’s my idea: How about a photo diary app that bridges the gap between taking a photo and filing it. Everyone organizes their photos by date and location, so how about a new camera app that replaces the stock one (or one that pulls from the gallery) along with geotag information, and then organizes it by 3 simple buttons – date, location, or map. Time for me to go brainstorm and sketch out some of my app ideas for this contest! One other point is that you mentioned testing the developer with designing the app icon.

Free apps create the most traffic because they have the smallest barrier to entry. Once the free version of your app gains some traction, you can use it to advertise the paid version of the same app. We’re throwing a contest for any readers who are ready to dive into the app world.

That’s why it’s important for you to take your time and carefully plan every aspect of the app before you submit it for coding. All you have to do is set up a developer account” so you can offer your apps for sale in one of the app stores. Android — Registration requirements include a fee of $25 per year and accepting the terms of service. You must have a BlackBerry World App Vendor Agreement in place with RIM (the creator of BlackBerry) to distribute apps. For your first app, I strongly suggest developing for Apple iOS, rather than Android or Blackberry. Also, don’t forget to go over the App Store review guidelines Apple enforces these rules during the review process, and if you don’t follow them, your app will be rejected. For instance, you might remember seeing a plethora of fart or flashlight apps on the App Store awhile back.

The App would be customizable for each salesperson and/or each organization, as each company normally has about six objections that limit their android apps developer ability to close business. Lots of business man are actually waiting for this app and are tired of those text/sms answering machines!

The first thing users will see when they are checking out your app is the icon — the small square image with the rounded corners to the left of the app title. It needs to look sharp, capture the app’s essence, attract the users’ attention, and compel them to investigate your app further. All based on, things I wish I had an app for right now”.

The guide does not guarantee that your app will be success in the market as they are many other reasons because of which your app may fail to catch up with the market trends or collect the sum you have dreamed of. If your idea is fresh and if you were successful in implementing it, then your app may become a star in the Google Play Store.

Plus after this initial investment, the source code from the app can be adjusted and repackaged for related business verticals. This whole project is my first foray into web development and is my big push and gamble to avoiding getting my first real job” after finishing my degree. Hope you guys like it and for all the designers and tech savvy readers if you’ve got any feedback for me on the app idea don’t hold back! Update: I had a 1.5 hour conversation with the dentist who created some of the first software in this niche and he’s not only sending me a free copy of his application but he’s giving me the entire list of people who purchased it to market to!