Android App Developer Kit – What To Look For In An App Development Tool

There are a lot of ways that a mobile app can benefit your small business. If you struggle with traditional forms of advertising and finding that you’re getting a lackluster response from e-mail ad campaigns and even from publishing a website, you might be working with the wrong medium. Right now the most popular medium in the world is cell phones and smart phones, with a huge amount of attention being placed on mobile apps. The mobile apps world is growing all the time, and by adding your small business to the mix you could not only be gaining more visibility and exposure for your business, you could also be securing an excellent new way of staying in touch with your clientele. The first step in this process is to find an app builder to construct your mobile app. The following are a few features you should be looking for in the best app builders currently available.


Probably the most important feature of a great app builder is its accessibility and how easy it is to use. You want to be able to quickly and effectively negotiate the app building process so that you can quickly progress to publishing and distributing what you’ve built. In the end, your app does not have to be too fancy or have too many different features to be effective. It can be very effective simply to work from a template. Most people overestimate how difficult it is going to be to build a mobile app, but it can actually be quite simple, especially if you are working with the right tools.

Generates Fast Results

It’s also important that the tools you’re using can generate quick results. You want to be able to see what your mobile app is going to look like quickly so that you and your partners can evaluate whether or not this is going to be an effective marketing strategy and a worthwhile option for your business. In many cases the best-case scenario is a mobile app builder the enables you to generate free preview within a handful of minutes, so you can know exactly what you’re looking at. Such builders are certainly out there, but you may have to look around for them.

Also Builds Mobile Websites

Another fantastic feature of a mobile app builder is one that enables you to build a mobile website at the same time. Once again this entire process should be very easy, roughly equivalent in technical difficulty to starting a blog or basically filling out an online form. At the same time, you should be able to provide enough functions to keep your clients interested. A mobile website can be a very important aspect of your business as so many people are using smart phones to look up local businesses on the fly, and if you have a mobile website they can get a much better look at what you’re offering than if they were having to look at a website that is not specifically formatted for a mobile phone.

Free To Try

When you are going around evaluating different app builders, you certainly don’t want to be paying for the privilege. This can make it next to impossible to find the one that’s right for you, and to even do some comparison shopping. In the end, it is usually best if you’re able to get least get a sneak peak or a free trial of what the app software looks like and how well it works for your small business. The best free trials are the ones that give you unlimited access to the software, so that you can basically use it to fully construct the app that you would be publishing, and thereby get the clearest understanding of what you will be paying for.

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